Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Rugby v soccer

In my opinion this is a great video. Everyone who likes football says the same, footbal is better, goals, goals anda goals and tricks... how many times a football match finishes 0-0 that's impossible in rugby. In spain there are a said very famous: boys play football, girls play volleyball and men play rugby.

Rugby fights
RWC07 Key players
A basic overview of the rules of rugby.


Robert said...

I love soccer. I agree that the diving and antics are quite out of line. However, there are serious injuries quite often. Just because you can have 30 concussions and continue doesn't show a great deal of intelligence. This is why we have American Football here instead of Rugby. There were so many injuries that the Government was going to ban the sport.

jb said...

Robert, me oul darling,

Please don't even try and compare 'merican football and rugby. Different class, different league, different level of player. Rugby is THE ultimate contact sport (aside from Hurling), so you can take your armoured american nancy boys and go and ...............

Dayna said...

It is kind of a tough argument to make that Rugby players are all around more manly than players of another sport when you only have rugby players versus rugby players to back it up.

If you want THE ultimate contact sport you might want to check out the Ultimate Fighting Championship or Australian Rules Football.

cyber said...

Ultimate head butt

disbelief said...

of course, using all footage from the Italian national team is pretty easy fodder for diving and playing at being hurt. It's what they do best and not necessarily indicative of football as a whole. Please don't lump us all in with them!!

Sergey Bushtruk said...

Football is a sport of gentlemen played by brutes and rugby is a sport of brutes played by gentlemen.

Antony said...

Diving in football, sorry soccer (the game where you use a foot to kick a ball) is becoming rife but comparing it to Rugby in any way is pointless. I'm sure a montage of scrums and throw-ins would be equally boring and less comical than a montage of dives. A montage of Rugby violence would be equally cringeworthy, same as a montage of any bad side to a sport.

A montage of beautiful football(soccer), though, would be more pleasing to my eyes than anything a Rugby montage could throw up. Zidane in full flow during his best years is one of the most glorious sights in world sport in my opinion.

I'm English but I must admit I prefer the NFL to Rugby, montages of Rugby and NFL would, again, bring out Rugby's opposition as the most pleasing on the eye. I'm a sucker for gadget plays though.

Finally I've not seen any montages of people trying to prove Football is better than Rugby (admittedly this is the first one trying to prove Rugby is better than Football), however most footy fans don't care enough about the subject to make a montage.

Glen said...

As much as I hate the diving antics, it says nothing about "manliness". Its pure gamesmanship: if the player touched (or actually fouled) is losing control of ball 99% of the time, he will dive. If its a goalscoring opportunity they invariably stay on their feet. Staying down is just to con the referee. Whatever advantage can be gained, basically. Its not good, its not right, its tedious to watch but gamesmanship it is. Comments about UFC are just stupid - compare that to wrestling or boxing. Aussie Rules and Rugby are comparable, but forget NFL. Bunch of wusses in body armour and helmets (hahaha) stopping every 5 secs. That is all.

cakesy said...

I tried to get into soccer, I live in a nation which simply loves it (Scotland and England), to the point where it is all the sport they will show on tv. As far as they are concerned, there is no other sport in the world, on soccer.

But it is stuff like this that just makes it so intolerable to me. It is not really a game, not when you get so much cheating, even at the highest level. And nothing is done about this cheating, these players aren't kicked out, suspended or even fined.

I try to understand why some people like it, and why others prefer rugby (or aussie rules, like I do). I can handle Rugby, or any other sport, but when it comes to soccer, I can just about handle the world cup and that is it.

I think I know the reason. People indoctrinated into soccer since an early age accept the level of cheating that goes on. They just see it as a unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on which way it goes), and random part of the game. To others, who are used to sports which penalise this sort of cheating, well we can't stand it. As far as we are concerned, it is not a real game, until they sort this out.

Also, penalties is no way to decide a game. And there need to be a salary cap to even the teams in the Premiership out.