Thursday, September 27, 2007

Rugby fights - sport for men

NZ v GB II Fight

rugby league BRL 1980 - The famous 1980 GF brawl
The Norths Devils won the fight and the game to shock favourites, the Souths Magpies, in the 1980 Grand Final at Lang Park. Stars of this brawl were Rossy Henrick, Mal Meninga and his mate Peter Dutton and of course the great Campbell 'Zulu' Dews. Souths winger Gary Thompson was the poor unfortunate soul to cop the Angry Ant's (Henrick's) flying right hook. The Devils won their first grand final since 1969 with this memorable 17-15 win. Norths were coached by Kiwi Graham Lowe and Souths' coach was the legendary Bob McCarthy.

Play rugby !!! it's a sport for men !!

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RWC 07 All Blacks Haka v Scotland
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