Friday, September 7, 2007

Rugby - Not a Sport for the Weak!

Most people in the United States know very little about the great sport of Rugby and those who have watched probably do not really get it much. They simply do not understand what they are watching. It is not like football as the action is on-going and it is a rough sport, certainly not for the weak. Many believe this is why the French are not so good at it? Although let's not pick on the French, as the Americans do not play rugby either. Yet, it is sort of an American Type of sport in a way, as we like to play rough.

The truth is whether or not Americans understand the sport of rugby is rather irrelevant because Rugby is not played in America anyway. I believe Americans should play rugby, because unlike Football there are no time outs to catch your breath and believe me when I tell you that; Rugby is Not a Sport for the Weak!

In the United States our Professional Football Players dress up in lots of pads and get paid huge amounts of money plus lots of endorsements and they expend massive brawn for a few seconds and the play ends. Although people call them superior athletes few of them could run a marathon. Rugby players on the other hand are severely under padded and under paid by our standards and they are in top shapes as they truly are top athletes. Consider all this in 2006.

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